Xerox – Printer Security Audit Service

What if your firm has experienced a security breach? All your network devices have gone down, and they have lost their security settings. If you have no automated security and alert system in place, that scenario is far worse than what it already is. 

You would have to go for auto-remediation of all your devices that are no longer compliant. According to the company policy, a fast infrastructure with end-to-end encryption is required. You can only achieve that with a quick security audit. 

The Xerox system will allow you to be more confident about your print environment. There is no place for guesswork, and you don’t have to do it manually. But how can you achieve all that? 

The Print Security Audit Service by Xerox will assist you in achieving all that. It will manage your security address, your fleet of printers and your devices. With this service, the IT security professionals can review the baseline and then configure the uniform behavior of the devices. This will be done across all the managed print services in the environment. 

This software can scan your entire network and perform an automatic audit. The emphasis here is setting the device configurations from a remote location to monitor compliance, remediating any violations in three different areas. These three areas are: password management, firmware upgrades, device settings management and configurations.

It can provide insights into the compliance/non-compliance of all Xerox devices present in the fleet. This system also provides ongoing reporting, issuing various alerts delivered via an interactive dashboard. Therefore, your compliance and reporting get a new life. It can automatically adjust and can easily comprehend that entire process. 

All the information and insights captured through this secure technology will assist you in developing better policies for security and compliance.

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