How to Avoid Los Angeles Copier Miscellaneous Fees

If unwary, you could fall victim to a trick that would increase your copier rates per year. There are ways that you can avoid the undue increase. For instance, you could ask them to give you a contract devoid of the “this agreement can be increased by X% per year.”

If that doesn’t work, and all of your options are pretty much exhausted in your given circumstances, you can attempt to negotiate a lower rate that seems fair and just. They may try to use technical jargon to persuade you to sign it anyways. For example, the representative might say something like, “It only says that we can raise the rates, it doesn’t mean that we will,” or the like. The best thing you can do is remember that it is a business deal. If a company can raise rates, they will. Just like you, a business’s main goal is to optimize profits while decreasing expenses. Just think about this:

The revenue potential is $57 x 100 copiers, and $5700 x 12 months, which equates to roughly $70,000. What business would realistically let $70,000 go? With the way the economy is, no business of sound business processes would let that go.