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Reasons to Forego the Los Angeles Copier Color Upgrades

When do you avoid an offer of free color upgrades? When you don’t believe that your employees and users will be accountable or responsible for the amount of color prints they utilize. When your organization is running a color copier that costs $.07 per copy or less. When you need reliability more than color quality.…

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How to Avoid Los Angeles Copier Miscellaneous Fees

If unwary, you could fall victim to a trick that would increase your copier rates per year. There are ways that you can avoid the undue increase. For instance, you could ask them to give you a contract devoid of the “this agreement can be increased by X% per year.” If that doesn’t work, and…

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Los Angeles Copiers and Their Miscellaneous Fees

Consumers often complain about signing up for one thing, but later realizing that it was another thing. Oftentimes, when this happens, a consumer feels like they were lead on through false pretenses, lied to, and betrayed. Ultimately, it leads to an unsatisfied customer trying to opt out of the current contract in order to change…

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