Reasons to Forego the Los Angeles Copier Color Upgrades

When do you avoid an offer of free color upgrades?

  • When you don’t believe that your employees and users will be accountable or responsible for the amount of color prints they utilize.
  • When your organization is running a color copier that costs $.07 per copy or less.
  • When you need reliability more than color quality. Black & white copier/printers will have around 2-4 replaceable parts, but a color copier/printer will have roughly 10-15 parts where they are more inclined to suffer downtimes more often.
  • When you don’t need color or marketing collateral. (Remember that black & white copiers will scan in color).

If your organization is utilizing around 500 pages in color per month, which approximates to 20 pages per day, it will round out to $2,500 an extra on a 4 year contract lease. Color is awesome, but only when you need it.

Don’t let the copier representative make you feel less smart if you decide to go with the black & white copier instead of color. In the end, you have to do what is best for your organization’s bottom line, not what the color copier representative wants you to do for his.