Reasons You Should Take a Los Angeles Copier and the Free Upgrades

Many Los Angeles copier representatives come with different ways to increase that rate or maximize whatever they can get from you. One of the most common methods is the bait and switch. They will try to sell you a black & white copier, and then at the last minute they will try to switch you over to the color copier at no extra charge.

Consider this:

The claim being made is that they will sell you a copier that prints color, has more moving parts, more maintenance, and more accessories at no additional cost to you. Business sense will tell you that it is preposterous. Why would they want to do that?

The simple answer is, to make them more money.

Think about why you would want this offer on the table.

  • You might need a color copier anyway, so this route would be the best way to save you money.
  • You feel that you can discipline your employees and users to use color in a very disciplined manner.
  • You might understand the difference in between composite gray and black & white copies.
  • You need a high value copier/printer for producing marketing collateral.