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Buying a Used Copier

By pjacob10 / April 10, 2014 / Comments Off on Buying a Used Copier

Sometimes the best option for a new, up and coming business can be to consider buying a used copier – especially if you are trying to keep start-up costs to a minimum. However, it is very important that you have a few things in mind before you start looking at used copiers. Whatever you decide…

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Get Competitive Quotes

By Marketing Group / December 21, 2013 / Comments Off on Get Competitive Quotes

If you are shopping for a copier in Los Angeles, you probably have a lot of options at your disposal. This means that there is good incentive to checkout the offerings of various vendors and attempt to determine what represents the best possible deal. Unfortunately, you are likely to find that shopping for a Los…

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Does the Paper Matter?

By Marketing Group / November 20, 2012 / Comments Off on Does the Paper Matter?

Different types of copiers use different paper When purchasing a copier, the design and type of the machine isn’t the only consideration. Since every copier uses paper, you need to know what type of paper your machine can use. These types range from color copying to Inkjet paper to laser printing paper. Each type has…

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