Used Copiers

Used copiers for sale in Los Angeles

By Marketing Group / May 1, 2016 / Comments Off on Used copiers for sale in Los Angeles

Are you looking to save money on your office equipment? Starting and running a business can be a big investment, especially in such a high dollar market at the Los Angeles area. When you are in the market for a quality copier and want to save some money, look no further than our local reps…

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How to Avoid Los Angeles Copier Miscellaneous Fees

By copierinfo / January 15, 2015 / Comments Off on How to Avoid Los Angeles Copier Miscellaneous Fees

If unwary, you could fall victim to a trick that would increase your copier rates per year. There are ways that you can avoid the undue increase. For instance, you could ask them to give you a contract devoid of the “this agreement can be increased by X% per year.” If that doesn’t work, and…

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Buying a Used Copier

By pjacob10 / April 10, 2014 / Comments Off on Buying a Used Copier

Sometimes the best option for a new, up and coming business can be to consider buying a used copier – especially if you are trying to keep start-up costs to a minimum. However, it is very important that you have a few things in mind before you start looking at used copiers. Whatever you decide…

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Used Copiers, are they Always a Cheaper Option?

By pjacob10 / January 30, 2014 / Comments Off on Used Copiers, are they Always a Cheaper Option?

We try to alleviate some of the inherent confusion that comes with buying a new copier. Seen as there are over 2,000 different kinds of copiers that people can chose from and when you take into account the number of used copiers that have been discontinued, there are over twice that number to choose from.…

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Get Competitive Quotes

By Marketing Group / December 21, 2013 / Comments Off on Get Competitive Quotes

If you are shopping for a copier in Los Angeles, you probably have a lot of options at your disposal. This means that there is good incentive to checkout the offerings of various vendors and attempt to determine what represents the best possible deal. Unfortunately, you are likely to find that shopping for a Los…

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Used Copiers

By Marketing Group / September 27, 2013 / Comments Off on Used Copiers

Buying a used copier machine Buying a used copier may be the best option for your company particularly if you are a new, emerging business which is aiming to keep start-up costs low. But before you go out and get a used copier or printer there are a few facts that you should know in…

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Used Copiers in Los Angeles

By Marketing Group / September 2, 2013 / Comments Off on Used Copiers in Los Angeles

Looking for a copier in LA can be complicated.  There are a lot of considerations.  Do you purchase based on brand?  Do you purchase based on copier features?  Do you purchase based on condition?  Then you may want to work with someone along the coast or in the valley.  Ultimately, you are looking for a…

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Buying a Business Copier

By Marketing Group / April 27, 2013 / Comments Off on Buying a Business Copier

Los Angeles Copier Sales: An innovative New York patent attorney created the first copier to make the process of mass duplication less time consuming and labor intensive. While Xerox copiers simplify the process of making quality copies, an office copy machine poses some challenges. The first is the cost of the machine. It is important…

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Scanning with Your New Copier

By Marketing Group / December 12, 2012 / Comments Off on Scanning with Your New Copier

Scanning the the Las Angeles skyline The goal of a good copier isn’t always to just copy a piece of paper. Some copiers work well as printers, some act as a network hub, and some even are used as a periodical press. Many copiers can also be used for scanning, the ability to save physical…

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Are you trying to find used copiers in LA?

By travis / September 1, 2012 / Comments Off on Are you trying to find used copiers in LA?

Used Copiers in Los Angeles  Many and varied are the reasons that start the search for a used copier. Some find themselves looking for a starter machine while their new business gets going, others need a fill in machine and know that buying new isn’t always the best way to go. There are countless ways…

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